Weekly Community Newsletter: Fanworks and Cats

Greetings, fellow Internet people, and welcome to another edition of the community newsletter.

We’ve been hard at work on refining and finishing up the pet system, the first of several free updates we have on our current roadmap for Conan Exiles. In case you missed it, we summarized the pet system and answered some player questions on last week’s livestream, where we also showcased the new Jewel of the West Pack and announce the winners of the community fan fiction/fan art competitions.

Throughout June we got some amazing entries in the community competitions. While we wished we could give a prize to everyone there could only be one winner in each category. Nick Bowen took home the win in the fan art category, while Uilliam Nebel wrote the winning fanfic. Nick’s winning entry can be found below, while Uilliam’s fanfic can be read on our blog.

Nick Bowen

We’re currently targeting August 16 for a Testlive release of the pet system, but that’s not all! Alongside the pet system, we are planning to release the new Midnight Grove dungeon and the Jhebbal Sag religion path. The three are connected, after all, in ways that will be revealed. We hope you’re ready for the Jhebbal Sag avatar! New special arrows (poison, explosives, healing) and a new Star Metal Multitool are also set to release in the same patch as the pet system.

We previously announced that we wanted to roll out a parity patch for consoles, but unfortunately we’re going to have to post-pone it to next week. We have some additional bugs that are still being worked on that will be going into the parity patches, some nasty things that the community will be happy that we fix, so we’re taking some extra time. We know patching right before the weekend, especially for consoles, is less than ideal, and we’d like to give ourselves a little more time for additional work and testing.

Since the main focus for the teams have been finishing and implementing the pet system, the Midnight Grove and the Jhebbal Sag religion path and avatar, we’re going to forgo the regular, segmented recap of previous newsletters this week. Our lockdown is Thursday, after which we go into internal testing and then Testlive.

You too can become a crazy cat lady. Happy international cat day!

Those of us not working on pets and the assorted accoutrements have been focusing on further developing the other dungeons we have planned, sculpting and creating more monsters and creatures, and concepting out some ideas we have kicking around for upcoming DLC. That’s purely on the content side of things. Over on the tech side our programmers are investigating technical issues and fixing bugs.


We will not be doing another livestream this week, but we’ll be back next Friday to once again focus on the pet system. There’s a lot of stuff happening over here this week, both with the pet system deadline on Thursday evening and the console parity patch, which we’re currently building.

Wrap up

That’s it for this week! We kept it a bit shorter this week since we’re hunkering down for the release of the pet system.



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