What’s next for Conan Exiles?

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Early access is exciting! But if you’re playing or planning to play Conan Exiles, you probably want to know what is coming next…

As we all play together through early access we will continuously be updating and improving Conan Exiles as well as fixing bugs and issues. We will listen very closely to feedback from you in the community and we will be introducing new features and content as they are ready.

Here are some of the upcoming features we are currently working on and hope you will enjoy:

The trebuchet

Want the ability to lay siege to the stronghold of your enemies and bombard them from a great distance by firing heavy boulders, explosive ammunition or even rotting corpses? The powerful trebuchet will let you bring down your enemy’s defenses before storming their keep, or force them out from hiding as their well-crafted walls come crashing down.

The trebuchet is a complex siege weapon though, and it will be both costly to make and cumbersome to transport. Once you have set it up you must guard it well, or a rapid counterattack from the enemy may destroy your valuable war machine before you even get to fire a single shot.

New Dungeon


Fight your way through brutal new monsters in an all new sewer dungeon which lies beneath the Unnamed city.

The dungeon will not only test your battle prowess, but also your ability to solve challenging puzzles before finally facing off against a horrific boss monster. The dungeon will offer unique resources and rewards and a special ritual is needed to open its doors.

We will be introducing the trebuchet and new dungeon dyeing within the next few updates.

Ongoing fixes and improvements:

  • Adding new features and content
  • Improving the artificial intelligence for creatures and NPCs
  • Fixing general bugs and glitches
  • Balancing the crafting and progression system
  • Introducing more types of thralls
  • Introducing more types of craftable items
  • Introducing more types of creatures
  • Introducing more lore and story elements
  • Introducing more placeables such as traps

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