Armor Modelling - Conan Exiles

Full Example of an Exiles Armor Sculpt

Armor Sculpt Case Study

Naming Conventions for Meshes

All final assets should be named like this:

SK_[gender] _ [armor name]_[part]

Full armor set with long sleeves and long pants should contain:


Technical Specs

Model Creation


Marvelous Designer


UV Mapping

Preparing the Low-poly for Unreal

For any top pieces extending beyond the top part of the face model, and any bottom pieces extending beyond the bottom part of the base model, tucked meshes need to be made for the piece to work with our in-game armor system.

To create a tucked mesh locate the seam between bottom and legs for bottoms, or top and forearm for upperbody meshes. Add an edge loop parallel with the seam (if you don’t already have one) and one slightly below. Delete polygons below the lowest of the two seams, and then collapse the lowest seam. Adjust so it perfectly covers the cut off point. If the material is thick you can add a seam above the cut of as well and scale it up slightly to make it look like the fabric is slightly bulked out where it is tucked into the gloves/boots.

Above you can see tucked and untucked version of the same armor piece.

Male to Female Conversion

When doing a full M->F conversion of an entire armor set, typically the process is as follows: