Conan Exiles Anniversary Approaches

By admin | May 4, 2023

Join us on May 8th for our 5-year Anniversary Stream!  Greetings Exiles,  May 8th will mark the 5th anniversary of Conan Exiles and we are banding together with the community to celebrate this monumental day.  Hosted by our community managers; we’ll be playing Conan Exiles, having fun quizzes, and sharing in the festive spirit by…

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Mystic Masterpieces Art Contest

By andyb | April 13, 2023

MYSTIC MASTERPIECES VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY Calling all practitioners of the arcane arts! Mystic Masterpieces is here, and we want you to show off your skills and create a masterpiece that captures the essence of golems or all things sorcery. The prize? Your artwork will be featured in-game within decorative placeables…

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Oh, My Gods! <3

By nicole | April 1, 2023

“Foolish mortal! Just because you know a couple of magic tricks, you thought you could summon me, Derketo, the Dusky Goddess at your whim? You dare to summon me to… have a date? Are you for real? That. Is. So. Cute. Creepy, but cute.  You know what? I’m definitely not dating you but I’ll help…

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New Twitch Drops Are Here!

By marcush | March 28, 2023

Greetings Exiles,  Between today and June 11, you will be able to earn three new in-game items by watching Drops-enabled Conan Exiles streams on Twitch.   To do this, simply link your Twitch account to Conan Exiles and you’re good to go. We’ve added a button in the game’s main menu that makes this quick and…

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Age of Sorcery – Chapter 3 is Live!

By marcush | March 14, 2023

Greetings, Exiles!   The ritual has begun. Age of Sorcery – Chapter 3 is here! As the Age of Sorcery comes to an epic conclusion, prepare to face the one responsible for the spread of sorcery in a brand-new boss encounter, shape your own custom Golems, and explore a fully redesigned Journey System.  In just seven…

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Chapter 2 BattlePass Backgrounds

By nicole | March 12, 2023

Take a look at our beautiful backgrounds for Chapter 2, which will soon be replaced in game with Chapter 3. These chapter images were all created by Robert Vajda (ArtStation here). You can click each image to enhance them and see all the details without the Battlepass icons, as well as right click and click…

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A Guide to Golem Shaping in Age of Sorcery — Chapter 3

By marcush | March 3, 2023

Greetings Exiles,  The release of Age of Sorcery — Chapter 3 approaches swiftly! On March 14 you will prevent a cataclysmic ritual, brave a new boss-dungeon, experience a full journey system overhaul, new Bazaar and Battle Pass cosmetics, and a brand-new feature: Golem Shaping.   Today, we will dive into how you can craft your very…

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Discover what’s coming in Age of Sorcery — Chapter 3!

By marcush | February 20, 2023

  The sun bleeds over the Exiled Lands. A strange light spears the sky as the ancient blood of the Giant Kings rises from the earth. Ritual cries shiver in the air to welcome a black dawn.   Greetings Exiles! The Age of Sorcery has set the Exiled Lands simmering with conflict and volatile powers.…

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Producer’s Letter: Conan Exiles 2022 Year in Review

By hurcank | January 31, 2023

Greetings Exiles,   2022 was another exciting and challenging year for the Conan Exiles team. The game saw quite a few changes in both free playable content, content delivery, and business model. Your feedback and engagement with the game has been incredible throughout these changes. I wanted to share a recap of how 2022 shaped up…

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Age of Sorcery — Chapter 2 is Here!

By marcush | December 6, 2022

The next chapter in the Age of Sorcery brings Headhunting, new encounters, and much more! Greetings Exiles,  Age of Sorcery — Chapter 2 has arrived, bringing new features, a new Battle Pass with new Bazaar items, Twitch Drops, and a story recap. There’s a lot to dig into, but first, take a look at the…

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