Frozen North is here, and Conan Exiles now live!

By the dev team | August 16, 2017

The map is being increased by around 70%, there are hundreds of new items, two new dungeons, tons of new monsters, two new NPC tribes, an all new temperature system, two new types of building pieces, cooking and brewing and much more! You can read more about The Frozen North here. See the all new…

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Early Access Phase #2: Letter from the Creative Director

By the dev team | August 10, 2017

With the release of The Frozen North, and there are major changes to the game itself, across the board. I believe the accumulation of these changes, along with the updates we’ve made since launch, provides a new and different Conan Exiles than the game we launched at the beginning of Early Access. Today we also…

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Funcom community night at Gamescom

By jens | August 8, 2017

The Funcom community team is travelling to Cologne in two weeks to attend Gamescom, and we would like all our fans who are in town to join us for what we hope will be a great party. Save the date, August 22nd, and join us at 7pm CEST at Roonburg, Roonstraße 33, 50674 Köln. No…

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Dev Blog #15: The Frozen North!

By the dev team | August 3, 2017

On August 16th, snowy mountains and misty valleys beckon as we invite you to join us in The Frozen North. Today we are excited to tell you more about this upcoming free expansion update! The Frozen North is massively expanding Conan Exiles, with huge new areas to explore, hundreds of new items to craft, many…

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Update 28 – Climbing and Exploration System

By the dev team | July 11, 2017

Another update is here and now you can climb to your hearts content! Climbing System Today we are introducing the brand new climbing system to Conan Exiles. You can climb almost anywhere in the game, so feel free to climb up mountain sides, ruins, walls or trees. Just hit space when you reach a steep…

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Community Spotlight 9

By nicole | June 28, 2017

Greetings! Welcome! Glad you’re here! We’ve got a brand new spotlight for you all. Like usual, this is where we showcase things our players have created. This ranges from artwork, to mods, to buildings, and more. We hope you enjoy reading about them, as much as we love finding them. Life is PvP This week’s…

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Update on Unreal 4.15 and climbing patch

By jens | June 26, 2017

Dear Exiles, The last 3-4 weeks our engine team has been hard at work moving Conan Exiles from one version of Unreal Engine to a newer, more updated version. During this time our game coders have continue fixing exploits and bugs, so we are still rolling out hotfixes while the engine updates are happening in…

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By jens | June 22, 2017

Dear Exiles, Surprise: We’re on sale! The annual Steam summer sale has kicked off and Conan Exiles is cheaper than ever. Starting today Conan Exiles is 33% off until July 5th, when the sale ends. Alongside the sale we’re also doing another partial wipe on the official servers (already announced earlier today). Buildings and inventories…

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Community Spotlight 8

By nicole | June 14, 2017

Hail and well met! Welcome to this week’s community spotlight where we feature creations that you make and share! These include art, videos, screenshots, ideas, mods, and more. We’re always on the search for what the community will make next and look forward to sharing them with you all. Let’s take a look at this…

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Free expansion!

By the dev team | June 14, 2017

Dear Exiles, On August 16th we are also introducing a brand new and free expansion! The game world is expanded by roughly 50% as a whole new area is added to the Exiled Lands. The expansion is completely free for everyone who has bought Conan Exiles and is included in the game at no extra…

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