Age of War – Chapter 2 is Now Live!

By marcush | September 21, 2023

Exiles!     The Age of War is truly upon us. Blood stains the earth in the name of gold as Stygian war camps sprout like barbed weeds.      Join our lead designer, Dennis Douthett, as he walks you through the new content now available in Age of War – Chapter 2.        Purge Revamp …

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Age of War Chapter 1 BattlePass Backgrounds

By nicole | September 20, 2023

As we look forward to the next chapter to the Age of War, let’s close it out with these beautiful backgrounds from the BattlePass. We hope you’re excited to see Chapter 2’s! Here are Chapter 1’s backgrounds without the icons for you to have for yourselves. If you’d like to see them with the unlocked…

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Purge Revamp Deep Dive

By marcush | September 12, 2023

Greetings Exiles,    As the Stygian Empire slithers ever deeper into the Exiled Lands, blades quiver in anticipation of spilled blood.    Age of War – Chapter 2 arrives on September 21, with a ground-up revamp of the purge system, improved loot across the entire game, a new Battle Pass, and a bunch of other…

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Age of War – Chapter 2 Release Date and New Details!

By marcush | August 24, 2023

Greetings Exiles,    The team has been hard at work on the next big update, and we’re thrilled to reveal that Age of War – Chapter 2 arrives September 21! As always, all the game content is free, with paid cosmetics available from the Battle Pass and Bazaar.    This update expands significantly upon features we…

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Developer Livestream Age of War – Chapter 2

By nicole | August 18, 2023

Greetings Exiles,  You’ve been padding your coffers, but your hard-earned riches seem to have attracted unwanted attention. If you want to hold on to your treasures, prepare your archers and repair your walls, Exiles! Discover the impending threat in our Age of War – Chapter 2 Developer livestream.  Join Lead Designer Dennis Douthett and Senior…

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Funcom Community Hangout– Gamescom 2023

By admin | July 18, 2023

You are invited to hang out with us at Gamescom 2023 For 30 years, gamers from all around the world have been experiencing and forming diverse and passionate communities around the vast virtual worlds developed at Funcom. These communities are invaluable and have always been one of the cornerstones in making great games even more…

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