Follower Updates in Age of Sorcery

By torea | July 28, 2022

Greetings, Exiles!  Today, we look at followers, which is going through a major rebalancing and update in Age of Sorcery. These changes come through various new features and improvements, such as the new attributes and perks, new followers gained through sorcery, and changes made directly to all followers.  After the 3.0 update, you will have…

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Attributes, Perks, and Corruption in the Age of Sorcery Update

By torea | July 20, 2022

Greetings, Exiles!  Building your character to excel at what you choose is an important aspect of Conan Exiles. Over time, we have noticed that certain attributes and perks are used a lot less than others by players. This is something we have wanted to improve for a while, and Age of Sorcery has been the…

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Battle Pass and Bazaar Full Overview in Age of Sorcery

By torea | July 14, 2022

Greetings, Exiles!  In Age of Sorcery, we’re upgrading the way we release both free and paid content. We are committed to developing Conan Exiles for ages to come, and with our system of Ages and Battle Passes, we can craft more evenly paced free content updates with an easier way for all of you to…

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Building Unleashed – Creative Mode in Age of Sorcery

By torea | July 7, 2022

Greetings Exiles,   Have you ever wished you could just build to the horizon and not worry about bashing rocks and chopping trees? That’s what Creative Mode is for. In Age of Sorcery, we’re making building as easy as possible, and today we’d like to talk about this new mode, explaining exactly how you can access…

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Sorcery in the Conan Exiles 3.0 Update – Sacrifice and Power

By torea | June 30, 2022

To find enlightenment in the gasping darkness… whispers that rolled under the skin. How could mere flesh be a vessel for such power? And blood deliver it? With the right knife, he realized, reality could be sculpted. Bled. But the world was only as malleable as the mind allowed. Already they flocked to him. He…

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A Helping Hammer – Building Overhaul in Age of Sorcery 

By torea | June 23, 2022

Greetings Exiles,    The Age of Sorcery will soon be upon us. This massive update to Conan Exiles brings new free gameplay features, content, overhauls, and quality of life improvements. Among these are sorcery, new followers, an attribute and building revamp, creative mode, and more! Certain building pieces and decorations will be tied to the Battle Pass…

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