Open Your Own Tavern in Age of War – Chapter 3!

By marcush | December 13, 2023

“I’m more use behind a bar than in battle,” she had said. It was no lie. Now, your tavern bustles with life, serving patrons from the farthest reaches of the Exiled Lands. These are rugged folk, who have seen and survived more than most. This place is a haven from the war, but for the…

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Age of War Chapter 2 BattlePass Backgrounds

By nicole | December 12, 2023

As with each chapter that comes to a close, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beautiful Battle Pass backgrounds before they’re replaced by the next! These chapter images were all created by Robert Vajda (ArtStation here). If you’d like to see them with the unlocked lore bits, you can check out the video here:…

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Assault a Destructible Fortress in The Siege of al-Merayah

By marcush | December 8, 2023

Atop the ruins of al-Merayah, a great fortress has risen. Greed and decadence swell within its iron-barbed walls. From this powerful seat, the Stygian Empire rests its boot upon the throat of the Exiled Lands. A boot poised to crush.   In Age of War – Chapter 3, you will show Stygia your true mettle.…

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Battle Pass Holiday XP Boost: Dec. 1-14

By admin | November 29, 2023

Charge through your Battle Pass levels with these boosters!  Greetings Exiles,  With the release of Age of War – Chapter 3 just two weeks away on December 14, we want to help you prepare for the siege of the mighty Stygian stronghold in the ruins of Al-Merayah with a Battle Pass Boost!   From December 1…

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Massive Discounts are Here – Crom Coins and All Game Editions

By marcush | November 22, 2023

Greetings Exiles!  Black Friday is here, so we’ve taken a huge cleaver to the price of everything Conan Exiles, including Crom Coins (for the first time ever!), the Isle of Siptah Expansion, and all DLC packs.  Steam – Ends November 28  Conan Exiles – 75% off   Isle of Siptah – 30% off   All DLCs –…

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Age of War – Chapter 3 Release Date and Major Features

By marcush | November 16, 2023

Greetings Exiles,   Steel your nerves, for The Age of War – Chapter 3 arrives on December 14! In this major free update, you will finally show the Stygians whose land they seek to conquer. Gather everyone – allies and subjects – and bring down the invader’s stronghold.     Public Beta   Test out…

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