Conan Exiles Anniversary Fashion Contest

By nicole | May 6, 2022

Screenshots taken by the incredible Liderpina! Whether it’s for practicality, role playing, or simply wanting to look badass, what you wear makes the barbarian. Styling your character and making it unique is a large part of Conan Exiles, and throughout the 4 years, we’ve seen some absolutely incredible looks. For this year’s anniversary, we want to…

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How to build a Japanese-inspired palace, by smskcntr!

By ignasis | April 19, 2022

If you ever wanted to add an extra flair to your base, smskcntr will help you with this new video! Inspired by traditional Japanese fortifications, this guide will show you how to step up your building game!

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Deco & Building Tips for your gardens, by Pixelcave Gaming!

By ignasis | April 12, 2022

Ever wanted to have a slice of paradise in your Exiles adventures? Get some really cool tips and tricks on how to build your own garden in Conan Exiles by Pixelcave. No mods needed!

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The Return of Barbarian Demostorm gameplay series, by Demostorm!

By ignasis | April 5, 2022

Follow the adventures (and misadventures) of Demostorm the Barbarian in his return to the Exiled Lands! This is a new gameplay series by seasoned Youtuber Demostorm already in episode 13! If you want to catch up on this series, make sure to check out his channel!

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How to build an Argossean sea base, by Creative Builder

By ignasis | March 29, 2022

Ever wanted to have a sea base? Creative Builder will teach you how to by using the Architects of Argos set. This gorgeous base will definitely be a sight to sea!

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How to build a stadium, by Barden Builds

By ignasis | March 22, 2022

Ever wanted to build a venue for your tournaments and arena fighting? Look no further, as Barden Builds got you covered! This is one of the most complex and gorgeous looking building guides out there, so grab your favorite popcorn-flavored bag of gruel and sit down to watch how to build a Blood Bowl stadium.

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