Exiles Character Transfer - Information and Tutorial for PC

Before proceeding with the transfer of your character from one server to another, please consider all the information listed below.

General information:

  • You can't transfer a character to a server on which you already have a character.
  • You can only transfer one character at a time. If you have already exported a character it must be imported before another character can be exported.
  • After you successfully import a character, there is a cool down period during in which you are unable to transfer another character- 24 hours for PvE and 7 days for PvP.
  • You can’t transfer a character if they are over-encumbered or if they are a Clan Leader.

Rules regarding server transfer:

  • You can transfer on servers within Exile Lands and Siptah, but also between Exile Lands and Siptah (To note that you will need to have acquired the ‘Isle of Siptah’ DLC to be able to transfer your character to Siptah servers).
  • You can transfer between Official servers (Official to Official) with the following rules:
    • From PvP you can transfer to other PvP servers and also PvEC or PvE;
    • From PvEC you can transfer to other PvEC servers and also PvE;
    • From PvE you can only transfer to other PvE servers.
  • You can transfer from Official servers to Unofficial but never from Unofficial servers to Official.
  • You can transfer between Unofficial servers but it will be dependent on the settings of each specific server and we can’t guarantee the reliability of this operation in Unofficial servers so it will have to be done at your own risk.

When transferring your character to another server you will keep the following:

  • Character Name
  • Character Appearance (the choices made in character creation that define the visual of the character)
  • Feats (the ones you do not get automatically)
  • Level (XP) and attribute point information
  • Journey steps
  • All equipped items, all items in the character's backpack (main inventory) and all items in the Hotbar

When transferring your character to another server you will lose the following:

  • All buildings/placeables that belonged to the character will be abandoned and decay
  • The association with all thralls that belonged to the character

Step-by-Step process:

  1. Enter the server where you have the character that you want to transfer.

  2. Press the 'ESC' key on your keyboard to bring up the options menu and select the option 'Server Transfer'.

  3. The 'Character Upload' menu will open and you will need to press the 'Upload Character' button which will prompt the confirmation.

  4. Type "Transfer" (or the equivalent depending on the localization) in the text field to enable the upload of your character.

  5. After this is done correctly you will be redirected to the Main Menu.

  6. Access the Server Browser menu.

  7. Select a server in which you want to transfer your character and in which you don't have a character already created (please consider the rules regarding server transfer and look out for the icon in the server browser indicating so).

  8. After entering the server and accessing the character creation menu, press the 'Import Character' button.

  9. After pressing the 'Import' button, if the character import process was successful you should be able to start playing with your character.