By jens | June 22, 2017

Dear Exiles, Surprise: We’re on sale! The annual Steam summer sale has kicked off and Conan Exiles is cheaper than ever. Starting today Conan Exiles is 33% off until July 5th, when the sale ends. Alongside the sale we’re also doing another partial wipe on the official servers (already announced earlier today). Buildings and inventories…

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Community Spotlight 8

By nicole | June 14, 2017

Hail and well met! Welcome to this week’s community spotlight where we feature creations that you make and share! These include art, videos, screenshots, ideas, mods, and more. We’re always on the search for what the community will make next and look forward to sharing them with you all. Let’s take a look at this…

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Free expansion!

By the dev team | June 14, 2017

Dear Exiles, On August 16th we are also introducing a brand new and free expansion! The game world is expanded by roughly 50% as a whole new area is added to the Exiled Lands. The expansion is completely free for everyone who has bought Conan Exiles and is included in the game at no extra…

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Community spotlight 7

By jens | June 12, 2017

Once again we bid you welcome to the Conan Exiles community spotlight! This is where we look at some of the fun and creative things that have been happening in the Conan Exiles community. Awesome mods, cool builds and funny videos and streams, they all belong here. Without further ado, here’s this week’s spotlight. Elevators…

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Update 27 – Now you can destroy avatars!

By jens | June 1, 2017

In Conan Exiles the god avatars have been the ultimate force of destruction, capable of reducing a city to rubble within just a few seconds. When seeing one on the horizon there was usually only one thing you could do: run away. With this update all of that is about to change. God avatars are…

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Community Spotlight 6

By nicole | May 30, 2017

Hello again! Thank you for joining us for this week’s spotlight where we take a look at videos, mods, creations, and all sorts of things that we found and loved in our community. We post one every week so be sure to check out the previous weeks’ highlights as well! Exile Island YouTube user “Just…

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