Xbox Patch Notes (17/11/2017)

By jens | November 17, 2017

We’ve released a new patch for the Xbox One version of Conan Exiles (build number 71726). This build introduces some client and server crash fixes, fixes armor dyeing, and fixes the Sanctum of Set. Please continue to contact us through Twitter, Facebook, or email for any issues you experience. The full change log can be…

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Weekly community newsletter – Hello from the other side

By jens | November 15, 2017

Hello again! Hope everyone’s had a good weekend and are ready to tackle the coming week, Conan style! This newsletter is a day late because of yesterday’s patches and announcements, but it is here now, somewhat large and in charge. In case you missed it: we patched PC yesterday! More information on that below. Current state…

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Update 31 – Gear up your thralls and enjoy new building pieces

By torea | November 14, 2017

Our newest update just went live and we have a bunch of new stuff for you! You can now put equipment on and dress up your thralls, make all new buildings with a host of new building pieces, craft lots of new placeables in a new workbench, repair weapons and armor more easily with new…

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Here’s how we’re going to wipe the official PC servers

By jens | November 13, 2017

Dear exiles, Thank you very much for participating in our server wipe survey over the weekend! We wanted to give the community on each server the opportunity to decide how we clean up the aftermath of the recent duplication bugs. The responses were overwhelmingly in favor of wiping the servers, either fully or partially, with some outliers here and…

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Xbox Patch Notes (09/11/2017)

By nicole | November 9, 2017

Hey all! We apologize for the short notice but we’ve released a new patch today that should help with joining friends in game as well as a couple of crash fixes. Please continue to contact us through Twitter, Facebook, or email for any issues you experience. Patch Notes Accepting an invitation to join a friend…

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Conan Exiles now enhanced for Xbox One X!

By the dev team | November 8, 2017

Conan Exiles launched into Game Preview on Xbox One on the 16th of August this year and now we are excited to announce that Conan Exiles has been enhanced for Xbox One X! According to Microsoft the Xbox One X is 40% more powerful than any other console currently on the market and our developers…

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Weekly community newsletter – Wetness and an apology

By jens | November 7, 2017

Dear exiles, Happy November everyone! Hope you all had a great Halloween and that you didn’t overstuff yourselves on sugary sweets. We celebrated the only way we could think of: Smashing pumpkins. Literally. Many thanks to our American community managers Nicole Vayo and Andy Benditt for taking time out of their work schedules to partake in what we hope will become a…

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Xbox patch notes (06.11.2017)

By jens | November 6, 2017

We’ve patched the Xbox version of Conan Exiles (version number 70616/14371). You’ll find the full change log below:

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Photo: Robin Baumgarten

Weekly community newsletter – We’re back!

By jens | October 31, 2017

Dear exiles, We have returned! There was no newsletter last week as Joel and I attended SplashJam the week before that (meaning we weren’t at the weekly dev meeting). SplashJam is a game jam on a cruise ship travelling from Tromsø to Trondheim in Norway. Funcom was one of the sponsors of the event with Amazon, D-Pad Studios and Unity, among others, with Joel and…

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Weekly community letter – Temperature changes

By jens | October 17, 2017

Dear exiles, We hope everyone’s had a good weekend and that the fall weather is treating you well. I’ll keep the introduction short this week so we can get to the good stuff! Current state of PC Last week we pushed a new build to Testlive with some exciting changes. You can now interact with archer, fighter and dancer thralls and…

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