Weekly community letter – It’s getting hot in here

By jens | October 10, 2017

Dear exiles, Technically it’s getting cold outside. Hope everyone’s been enjoying the first week of October! It’s getting colder by the day, the perfect time to curl up under a blanket, drink some hot chocolate, and play a video game. For this week’s community letter, we’re trying something different: fewer words! And possibly some more gifs and pictures, depending on what I’m…

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Xbox/PC parity patch (06.10.2017)

By jens | October 6, 2017

We’ve released a huge patch for Xbox that brings with it a massive amount of changes, putting the Xbox version in line with the current state of the PC version. Here’s the full list of changes we’ve done to the game: Sprinting and wielding improvements: Sprint will automatically sheathe your weapons. We refactored this system…

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Dev blog #18: Eat and drink to your hearts content!

By the dev team | October 6, 2017

Does eating an exotic feast meal, made up of spiced haunch, cooked eggs and dried berries, while drinking some nice highlands wine sound tempting to you? Needing food and water at regular intervals can be somewhat of a hassle in both real life and survival games. But just as in real life, where eating and…

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Weekly community letter – Filling in the gaps

By jens | October 3, 2017

Dear exiles,  Happy October! It’s the month of spoops, pumkpin spiced lattes and complaining about Norwegian stores selling their Christmas candy and decorations too early. We’ve been working out of our new offices for four weeks now and everyone has managed to settle into the new work space. The coders have solved their window blinds problem, we finally have a microwave oven in the kitchen, and now…

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Community Spotlight 11

By nicole | October 1, 2017

Hello again and welcome to this week’s Community Spotlight! While the developers are busy making updates and content for the game, Jens Erik and I scout the communities of Conan Exiles for the amazing creations you all have shared. We’re constantly impressed and amazed and love sharing them around the office! Superheroes One of our…

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Weekly community letter – Optimizations and fixes

By jens | September 26, 2017

Dear exiles, Welcome back to the weekly community letter. In case you missed our first letter you can read it right here to catch up on what we talked about last week. This week will mostly be about fixes and optimizations, but we also have some things to show that we think you’ll like. We know we do! Like…

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Dev blog #17: Learn about renting a private server for Xbox One

By the dev team | September 22, 2017

Conan Exiles launched into Game Preview on Xbox One on the 16th of August. The game can be played in single-player, or multiplayer on official or private servers. All the Conan Exiles Xbox servers are being run by G-Portal. There are several types of official servers to choose from, but there are major benefits to…

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Weekly community letter – Conan Exiles going forward

By jens | September 19, 2017

Dear exiles,  Welcome to the first weekly community letter! If you missed our announcement from last week the weekly letter is our way of improving communication with our community, giving you a glimpse into our development process. So let’s get to it! Current state of PC We’ve released version 66616/13842 to our Testlive branch on Steam. This version includes performance improvements, locking mechanics…

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Dev blog #16: Have fun with building in Conan Exiles!

By the dev team | September 15, 2017

You can build incredible structures, castles or even sprawling cities in Conan Exiles. In this blog post we aim to show you some of the awesome things you can build, and perhaps inspire you to try it out yourself. The greatest inspiration for building is always the community though, as the thousands of players out…

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Community Spotlight 10

By nicole | September 13, 2017

Welcome back to the Community Spotlight! It’s been a couple of months since our last spotlight due to getting the Frozen North expansion ready and gathering feedback. The developers are still busy and hard at work making updates and will continue to optimize the game. Meanwhile, me and our other Community Managers will continue to…

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